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However, before sending emails suggesting we are 'racist', 'islamophobic', 'clueless' etc, please do consider:

1.) Islam is a religion at best, and a totalitarian theocracy with global aspirations at worst. Islam is many things to many people, but it is not a race. Like Christians or Buddhists, Muslims are not defined by a common ethnicity, but by a common ideology and belief system. One can not possibly be racist in relation to an ideology. Trying to silence criticism with the 'race card' only exposes the verbal bully without valid argument.

2.) The suffix -phobia describes an unfounded or excessive fear. In the light of Islam's hate-filled scriptures and discriminatory laws (see below), recorded history of violent expansion; as well as unrelenting series of terror attacks against both Muslims and non-Muslims, fear of the further spread of Islam is rational and not unfounded. A fear and dislike of this malevolent ideology is only natural and a healthy human instinct.

3.) If you believe a view expressed on this blog is incorrect, we want to hear from you. We all make mistakes and if you think we have our facts wrong, please do tell us. However, we would expect you provide a verifiable and unabrogated primary source  ( Koran, Sahih Bukhari, Sahih Muslim , Sirat Rasul Allah, Reliance of the Traveller ) on which you base your correction or critique.

Merely stating that Brother Abdul Dahwa at the interfaith meeting last Wednesday said such-and-such is no valid rebuttal. Unless you can back this up with an unabrogated primary source, it is only a personal opinion.

If we publish a news item, article or opinion piece as editorial or admin, this reflects the view of Q Society. If we publish a piece under the author's own name, then this reflects his or her views, which are not necessarily the views held by Q Society. 

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Hi, when I first joined your mailing list there was an interesting article (or two) on various aspects of islam - such as it being ok to lie to non-muslims. I cant seem to find this on the website now... can you point me to this material now.


HI Guys,

need any pics or information from Christmas Island, just let me know.

Have lived on island for 8+ years and have pictorial evidence of of who was arriving and lots of other info.

Ciao for now


Could I please subscribe to your newsletter? I am also fighting the Islamisation of our nation & am an active member of the anti- Islam group "Truthophobes". Please check out our website
We are all in this together!
Mrs ESwift

Congratulations on a great newsletter. I have been following the activity of the Qsociety for a few years (I've sent donations to support your work)and greatly appreciate the fine work you are doing. Across the globe we need to stand for freedom and against the implementation of Sharia. Geert Wilders is presently being sued for speaking the truth. His accusers call it "hate speech" but in western societies, truth should be an absolute defense to such a charge. However, under sharia the truth of the matter asserted is of no consequence because if a Muslim is "offended" by the statement, the statement falls under the heading of blasphemy.

The OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation) is seeking to make criticism of any aspect of Islam punishable. The OIC is the largest voting group in the U.N. (57 Islamic states and heads of state). Beware.

Our freedom of speech is greatly at risk, and if that goes, the battle is lost.

All the best,

You must pull a Constitutional issue with this Islamic immigration. It is a social engineering program, not an immigration effort.
The Federal Government has no Head of Power for socially engineering the country, be it on immigration, Safe Schools indoctrinating innocent children, or for gender equality.
If you are serious about this, you will do as suggested above.


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