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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Muslims

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Of course not all Muslims want to rape, kill and blow up other people. The vast majority are normal, decent humans who want to get on with life and seek the best for their family. However, what makes Muslims different is the fact they were born to a Muslim father. Islamic law makes every baby born to a Muslim father also a Muslim, no questions asked. Most OIC countries recognise this basic Islamic law in their own statutory laws and social and family pressure makes it near impossible to declare oneself an apostate. After all, the Koran instructs observant Muslims to kill anyone who leaves Islam.

So to stereotype 'all Muslims are this ... ' or 'Muslims do that...' does not help. Such generalisations play into the hands of Islamic fundamentalists who want to divide and conquer. We better look for different shades of Islam and give bad Muslims every reason to believe that joining the free world is the best choice to get ahead in life.

Yes, you read right. We need to speak to the bad Muslims. Because what makes some Muslims good and what other Muslims bad or even ugly is not what you think. Ali Sina, a former Muslim himself who now helps other Muslims to break free, gives a challenging insight into real solutions - beyond the false narrative spread by the ugly Muslims and our own ignorant politicians.

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