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Political correctness, allied with Section 18c of the Racial Discrimination Act 1975, is the weapon of choice used by all factions of the Left, the anarchistic Greens, and Centrist Liberals of Australia to stifle any meaningful discussion about social, economic and immigration policy in our once fundamentally egalitarian society.  More and more often we are able to speak less and less about what's on our minds and about what really matters to the preservation of what made Australia a great place to live.

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When asked what it is that makes Australia stand out in their minds, many people from other nations say its the long held perception that Australia is a place where most people are given a fair go, and that we give our best in the face of greatest adversity.  Well, these things may have been true some years ago, but today we are mostly afraid to publicly be honest and forthright about anything.  Say what you mean nowdays, and you're likely to find yourself on the end of a social media trolling by cowardly, anonymous, left-leaning brutalists, or being forced to defend your views in a costly and potentially life destroying legal action.

There has been much talk recently about disruption and disenfranchisement, and the growing distance between ordinary people and the ruling and economic elites.  Political correctness is one of the weapons used to maintain that chasm, being used to silence criticism and punish contradiction.  However, political correctness is also being used to silence opposition to the dismantling of our liberal democratic social structures in preparation for the superimposition of Sharia doctrinology and the islamification of Australia - and, indeed, the rest of the world.

Read the frightening truth about political correctness and the rise of Islam in Face the Facts now !

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The latest edition of FACE THE FACTS is now available for reading online.

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The latest edition of FACE THE FACTS is now available to read on QWire.Sharia Law 2 Header (500pxl).jpg

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The warnings have been out there for a long time now.  At best, our political and judicial leaders have been naïve and ignorant.  At worst, those leaders have – for political or personal gain – sold out the very people they are supposed to represent.  As the result (or lack of result) of the July 2nd Federal election clearly demonstrates, it is more likely that our anti-leaders are in fact simply asleep at the wheel, have isolated themselves from their constituents, and have forgotten who in fact they work for.  Because the Australian legal system is actually in the process of making room for a parallel system of religious law.  And make no mistake – it is the intention of the promoters that Sharia law that it will only run parallel for as long as it takes Sharia to supplant our Australian Statute and Common Law system entirely.

Sharia is already partially entrenched in Australia’s daily existence through the halal certification system.  In April of 2016, mainstream media reported the operation of Sharia Law in NSW.  This wasn’t news, however – it was widely known that Sharia Law was being practised behind closed doors.  The many headed abomination known as multiculturalism has provided tacit, informal accommodation of practices that are dividing our nation along religious lines.

If halal certification was the thin end of the wedge, then Labor Senator Nick Sherry (as Assistant Treasurer) exerted unwelcome pressure on the log-splitter by directing the Board of Taxation in 2009 to undertake a comprehensive review of Federal tax laws to ensure that taxation requirements didn’t impede the growth of Sharia banking and financial products.  And so Sharia Law jammed its obscene foot through the Australian judicial door.

From here, it’s a short walk to successfully arguing that Sharia Law, because it is already in operation in Australia, is clearly compatible with existing secular law and Muslims should be able to rely on Sharia in its entirety – and therefore should not be subject to secular law at all.  That is, Australian statute ad common laws will no longer be relevant or applicable to adherents of Islam.

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Sharia is a threat to Muslims and non-Muslims alike.  Whilst the nature of the threat to infidels is clear, Sharia can be used by fundamentalists (ie, most Imams) to bring so-called peaceful or moderate Muslims into line with their own hysterically paranoid doctrines and coagulate the more benign members of the Islamic community into an anti-western, anti-secular, anti-democratic mass, using the standard inventory of fundamentalist tools: threats of death or violence against individuals or their family members.

Read more about the undesirable insurgence of Sharia Law into our lives in the latest edition of Face The Facts.  Understand how Australia is being pushed into changing its basic underlying laws and values to accommodate a religious minority group, and be clear that no other migrant group has ever made similar demands, either on legal or religious grounds.  And tell others about the problem we are facing !!!

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It is no secret that the Left loathes the Australia that provides us with a lifestyle and freedoms that are the envy of the rest of the world. They despise our democratic institutions and Western values. The leftist insurgency into Australian universities, bureaucracies and mainstream media tirelessly denigrates all things Australian whilst promoting tolerance of all that is opposed to free, democratic society. All those who do not fall into line behind the Left's ideocracy are branded right wing extremists and publicly vilified. Any house with a flag pole and Australian flag is condemned as the home of a racist. And anyone who questions the spread of Islam in Australia is subjected to personal abuse and possibly violence.

Our political leaders and public service elite, our media commentators and university academics have all cultivated a contemptuous and patronising attitude of purporting to know what is best for all Australians, but it's patently clear that these imbeciles are selling our nation out wholesale. None, apparently, believe that the way of life they enjoy - probably to a greater extent than the great unwashed have any opportunity to - is worth defending.

Australian - and indeed Western - universities are petri dishes within which are being cultured a viral melange of neo-Marxist, feminist and post-colonialist theorists, who argue that western civilisation is oppressive, racist, misogynistic and founded in histories and cultures that are no longer relevant. Any opinion to the contrary is either ignored, ridiculed or assassinated. In today's academic environment censorship is the norm, whilst challenging assumptions or speaking openly and freely is blocked or suppressed.

Western civilisation may not be perfect, but it has the unique characteristic of being able to self-critique and adjust. Western thought is based on reason, enquiry, analysis and discussion, rather than myth, superstition, here-say and hysteria. Yet today, illogically, academics and students alike defend Islam from "oppression" and the media - our self-appointed guardians of truth and freedom - follow suit. And why is it that feminists shrill about misogyny in Australia yet remain silent on the issues of polygamy, infant brides and female genital mutilation.

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To find out more about the widespread application of institutional censorship and the apparent stupidity of supposedly intelligent Australians, read the latest edition of FACE THE FACTS.

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Face The Facts - Vol 1, Ed 6

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Following World War I, the League of Nations was established by the Paris Peace Conference to regulate harmony between countries at a global level. During the League's period of oversight, it failed to act against the Japanese invasion of Manchuria in 1931, the Second Italo-Ethiopian War in 1935, the Japanese invasion of China in 1937, and German expansions under Adolf Hitler that culminated in the Second World War. Suffice to say, the League failed abjectly in achieving its mission. Out of the ashes of World War II and the League of Nations rose the neutered travesty euphemistically called the United Nations, with its aim of never again allowing global mass destruction through war. During the UN's reign of impotence we have been treated to the Cold War, the Korean Conflict, the Vietnam War, genocide on a grand scale in Angola, Cambodia and - under the direct oversight of the UN itself - Rwanda. And, as its piece de resistance for the remainder of the 20th Century, the world was left teetering on the brink of a nuclear holocaust during the Bay of Pigs confrontation.

The UN is a prohibitively expensive toothless tiger that has spectacularly failed in its primary purpose - that of preventing World War III. Unfortunately, that horse has already bolted. If you think that's an extreme point of view, then look at the facts. Presently, the usual suspects of USA, Australia, Great Britain, France, and Russia are actively flying bombing missions against the self-declared Caliphate of Islamic State. Furthermore, as of 3rd December 2014, the Counter-ISIL Coalition numbered 59 nations, including the full contingents of NATO and the European Union. Sounds like a world war, doesn't it ?

Whilst ISIS' opponents may have air superiority, the Caliphate has an unlimited supply of ground troops at its disposal - the civilian populations of the land masses it either controls or threatens. Called refugees, or displaced persons, the Caliphate is using the Muslim population of the Middle East to colonise Europe and elsewhere. It has mounted a social invasion in lieu of being unable to invade Europe militarily. This is innovative warfare on a global scale, and Australia is receiving a share of the attention. 1200 immigrants may seem like a drop in the ocean, but it's a big enough voting bloq to swing an electorate in 2016 and get an Islamist elected or to force a weak politician to become "sympathetic" to Islamist machinations.

Colonisation through immigration is a highly effective and efficient means of propagating an invasion when you're cash strapped and jihadi poor. But how do you circumvent every nation's immigration and border controls ? Well, that's the easy part. You start a war and bring down such a reign of killing and terror and destruction that your invasion force mobilises of its own volition and, knowingly or unknowingly (because it makes no different to the result), executes your plan.

The latest edition of Face the Facts considers the Islamist invasion in depth, and points out that our national leaders are asleep at the wheel. There is a tipping point at which, when reached, our nation and our freedoms will be lost. Will Canberra - and the States - wake up before we get there and act courageously ? Or will our politicians and civil leaders sell us out for the perks and after parties ?

Read more here : Face the Facts Vol1 Ed6.pdf

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