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Dawah is the promotion of Islam through interfaith meetings, information booths and TV productions.  It looks like missionary work, has similar tactical objectives to missionary work and, to the unthinking masses, presents no distinction from the missionaries from other faiths such as the Mormons.  Strategically, however, Dawah is radically different from the Mormons who knock on your front door and share a cup of tea, a biscuit, and a few copies of poorly written pamphlets with you.  Why is this so ?  Well, because Islam isn’t a religion.  It’s actually a political and legal system, so archaic, draconian and brutal that it only exists through the mechanisms of blind faith and religious fervour.  Faith in a vengeful God, and rejection of all forms of rational reasoning and the evidence of science, is the only possible way that a 21st century human being can hold any belief in a system that has its roots in the violent and destructive dynasties of the 7th century.

What, then, is Dawah actually about ? 

Conversion to Islam is not just about changing the name of the God to whom you pray.  It requires that you observe and comply with the dictates of Sharia – a moral and legal codis that, as a Muslim, is the central core of your new life.  For a Muslim, Sharia takes precedence over statute and common law, and is frequently at odds with them.  Islam therefore sets its devotees against the accepted rule of law in the host countries into which they have infiltrated themselves.  In doing so, Islam automatically creates political opposition to established forms of liberal, democratic government, with the strategic intention of replacing it with Sharia based rule.

Our politicians applaud Dawah, telling us that it is informative and helps to cancel our fears about Islam and its inherent violence.  How can our political and social leaders by so incredibly stupid ?  How can they not see that they, and their leadership, are in fact a primary strategic target ?  They aren’t the only ignorant fools being duped by Dawah proselytisers.  Feminazis support them.  LGBQTIs support them.  Educators support them.  Unionists support them.  Yet, following the complete occupation and Sharia based subjugation of our nation, feminists will be imprisoned or killed, as will non-heterosexuals, and many branches of education will simply cease to exist.  Trade unions will be outlawed. 

So why do so many imbeciles in Australia perceive no threat to their very existence in Dawah ?

Perhaps we’re all just tired of living and see Islam as an end of life choice.

If that’s not you – if you still have reasons to live, and you care about the future of your children, then read more about the insidiousness of Dawah in Face the Facts Vol 3, Edition 3 ….

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