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Western Liberalism and democratic forms of government are generally viewed as having their origins in the signing of the Magna Carta and the great era of the Renaissance.  Whatever their true origins may have been, western liberal and democratic philosophies have underpinned western culture and society for many centuries.  Today – and, indeed, since the 1970s – these pillars of our own Australian way of life are not only come under threat, but are facing a clear and imminent likelihood of destruction.  As globalisation tears through western economies and western living standards stagnate to pre-2002 levels, as the top 1% of owners of global capital now control around 60% of that wealth, and as the belief or hope by the middle and lower classes in some kind of better future is rapidly evaporating, apathy and disconnection are creating a welcoming void for authoritarian dogmas to slip into.

Our national leaders – career politicians, academics, social theorists and twisted moralists – are floundering about with little understanding of the issues at stake.  Politicians care only about securing and buttressing their relatively high incomes from roles for which the only entry requirement is popularity, and the remainder are either on the “publish or perish” treadmill or are fundamentally committed enemies of liberalism in any form and working towards its collapse.

It is hard to believe that there are Australians – ordinary people like you and I – living amongst us who are dedicating their life’s work to bringing about the collapse and destruction of our way of life.  Truth be known, there aren’t, because these people aren’t ordinary in any sense whatsoever.  They are people with grudges, chips on their shoulders and probably with mental health conditions who just want to make somebody “pay” for their dystopian existences. 

The challenge for ordinary people like you or I is to stand up to these bullies and anarchists, and prevent them from gaining control over how we live.  At its core, it is becoming a struggle simply to keep the right to remain alive – because if radical Islam (is there any other form?) gains dominance in Australia through its alliances with politicians, academics, social lobby groups and anarchistic extremists, our way of life will end.

Face the Facts (Vol 3, Ed 1) continues on from the previous edition, to explore and highlight how the radical left is undermining Australian norms and social policy, and preparing the way for a new form of fascist domination – Islam.  Whilst the radical left may not understand the role it has taken on – that of the vanguard and storm troopers for Mohammad – the results of their efforts are unmistakable.

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