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Political correctness, allied with Section 18c of the Racial Discrimination Act 1975, is the weapon of choice used by all factions of the Left, the anarchistic Greens, and Centrist Liberals of Australia to stifle any meaningful discussion about social, economic and immigration policy in our once fundamentally egalitarian society.  More and more often we are able to speak less and less about what's on our minds and about what really matters to the preservation of what made Australia a great place to live.

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When asked what it is that makes Australia stand out in their minds, many people from other nations say its the long held perception that Australia is a place where most people are given a fair go, and that we give our best in the face of greatest adversity.  Well, these things may have been true some years ago, but today we are mostly afraid to publicly be honest and forthright about anything.  Say what you mean nowdays, and you're likely to find yourself on the end of a social media trolling by cowardly, anonymous, left-leaning brutalists, or being forced to defend your views in a costly and potentially life destroying legal action.

There has been much talk recently about disruption and disenfranchisement, and the growing distance between ordinary people and the ruling and economic elites.  Political correctness is one of the weapons used to maintain that chasm, being used to silence criticism and punish contradiction.  However, political correctness is also being used to silence opposition to the dismantling of our liberal democratic social structures in preparation for the superimposition of Sharia doctrinology and the islamification of Australia - and, indeed, the rest of the world.

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