My Red Pill Trip

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It was Monday night, 17 April 2017, when I heard about the documentary The Red Pill. Its screening was cancelled at Sydney University, as well as at cinemas in Melbourne. (1) Why? Bullies threatened the venues. Third wave regressive feminists, (2) who hadn’t even seen the documentary claimed erroneously, that it promoted violence and misogyny.


If there are ideas, speakers or events you don’t agree with, then threaten, intimidate, disrupt venues, even attempt to kill speakers (3 &3a) and the event will most likely be cancelled.


 “Free speech for me but, not for thee”. (4)  




Overt and covert tactics limiting free speech, are increasingly used in western democracies, with which we, at Australian Liberty Alliance (ALA), as well as, Q Society are familiar. This regular pattern of attack, however dire, has not succeeded in any of ALA’s nor Q’s many events being cancelled.


ALA values free speech and is prepared to openly stand up to the groups that attempt to erode that basic pillar of democracy.



So, three days later our Victorian supporters took a dose of the red pill and held a screening followed by a discussion. (5)

Having been part of Women’s Liberation in the 1970’s as a 2nd wave feminist, I was further dismayed that much of our hard won achievements like, freedom to choose, equal rights between women and men, were being sabotaged forty –seven years on. The painful irony is that today my so-called sisters use the same oppressive, patriarchal methods, that we fought to eliminate, against us.

What’s more, such reactionary feminist groups, have the chutzpah “to use the protection of free speech to kill freedom of speech”, (6) and punish those who dissent from their dogma, thereby contributing to making us live in an unfree society. We’ve burnt the bra but now must challenge being subjugated and attacked by our sisters.  Divisive regressive feminist group think, has replaced ‘consciousness raising groups’; where individuals had a voice, where the free exchange and exploration of ideas helped raise awareness and enabled personal empowerment and responsibility. ‘Personal became political’ (7) which ultimately led to structural power changes in much societal stereotyping oppression.

Sisterhood was powerful.

My red pill trip revealed that much of todays ‘feminism’ is about the subjugation of women {and (white) men} by women. Such restricted ‘feminists diminish the power of sisterhood.  Cassie Jayes, the producer of the The Red Pill, started to question her current feminist beliefs, when she began investigating the Men’s Rights Movement –an example of what can happen when we search the ‘at times, painful truth of reality’.


“The filmmaker discovers she's been in a bubble -- and in the process demonstrates that many of the 'feminists' and 'gender study' experts she interviews are also in that bubble.” (5)

So despite what the documentary highlights for example that “Boko Haram discriminated in favour of women, that governments fund research into diseases women get twice the amount re diseases that men get, that domestic violence against men was approximately equivalent to that against women, and that there are no government funded domestic violence shelters for men, and no (real) men’s studies courses at universities, regressive feminists have not written  articles on those subjects because well, nyeh, so what?”(5).


‘Bubble’ feminist minority groups promote ignorance and division. They appear to have absolved themselves of any responsibility for their actions.


  “The Red Pill saga says so much about how we are allowing tiny minority groups to take over this country …. What’s frightening is how easily people in authority cave in to their demands. But it is heartening to see such a major fight back from many men and women sick of this type of madness.” (9)


Let’s face it, obsession with gender (and race) are convenient distractions, there are bigger life threats today. “If the West will not commit itself to preserving Western societies and values, it will fall. And its extraordinary progress will be blanketed over by darkness, along with all those gender rights.” (10)

Today, it’s crucial that we raise awareness, in overcoming denial, discrimination and domination and when the personal  becomes political, people power can then “resist insidious advances to establish an un-free society. Freedom can be swept away easily and quickly". (11)


The documentary reinforces that we need to keep minds open, challenge emotions, pursue justice, be data informed, discuss and reveal the whole truth and nothing but the truth.


It’s little wonder that I found ALA. An Australian grass roots political party that connects the dots and is willing to expose and oppose groups that are oppressive to women and men. ALA leaders and members are genuinely committed to the party’s purposes, have given up a lot, work tirelessly, voluntarily and hope to enter the Australian political system, not as career politicians but rather to represent the peoples’ vote for liberty and stand against denial, discrimination and domination.

Reflected in ALA ‘s policies are minds that already think outside the matrix and that support values that matter in today’s political arena. (12)

So if you’re the kind of responsible person that believes in maintaining our common core values, if you believe that together we can stop the assault on our democracy, then join with the grass-roots people power of ALA, to raise awareness, activate change and vote for a life affirming future trip.

No pills required.



1. The Red Pill is currently the #1 Documentary on Google Play in the United States

The red pill and its opposite, the blue pill, represent the choice between: a)  Knowledge, freedom and the sometimes painful truth of reality (red pill).   b)Falsehood, security and the ignorance of living an  illusion (blue pill). The terms are derived from the film The Matrix, where the main character is offered the choice between a red pill, escape into the real world and a blue pill, stay stuck in the Matrix.

2. Feminism is a range of  ideologies, and political social movements that share a common goal: to achieve political, economic, personal, and social rights for women, equal to menthe history of the western feminist movement is divided into three "waves". The first wave comprised women's suffrage movements of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The second wave the women's liberation movement beginning in the 1960s, campaigned for legal and social equality, in the hope of ending gender discrimination. Third-wave feminism 1990’s, coexists with and is a continuation of, and a reaction to second-wave feminism.


3. Melanie Phillips  

JANET ALBRECHTSEN A virus making us scared of ideas The documentary that dared to research men - banned by a university union to please feminists. The Australian


3a. The Poisoning of Robert Spencer by Mark Steyn online, May 18, 2017


4.  A. Dershowitz Motto of Anti-Israel Academics: "Free Speech for Me, But Not for Thee Nov 27, 2007


5. Comments post ALA screening by Phil and Prodos.
"What utter cowardice and stupidity to withdraw screenings of this film." "There is absolutely nothing hateful or misogynistic about this film.
Unless you believe THINKING is a crime. Or that QUESTIONING the PC dogma is a crime." Prodos, President at Screen & Study Institute


“I cannot believe that Dendy Cinemas allowed themselves to be manipulated by lying bullies ….  Didn't anyone at Dendy watch the film for themselves before taking the word of activists with an agenda?  Our world today seems to be teeming with people keen on shutting down the free speech of people who dissent from them.  These censorious creatures grossly misinterpret and misrepresent the speeches, the books, the speakers that they want to discredit.  And institutions such as colleges and movie theaters and social networking companies just lap it up or cave in to pressure and threats, thus lending themselves to a de facto censorship, manipulated by politically motivated liars or deluded fools. … Yours in Freedom of Speech, Barboo


6. Carol Hanisch coined the slogan "The Personal is Political".


7. Pamela Geller. p23 Stop Islamization of America. A practical Guide to the Resistance. WND Washington.2011


8. Twitter: annabelcrabb, claims “I’m a feminist”. I learned nothing that surprised me…”


9.  Posts By Bettina Arndt November 5, 2016 in News


10 Giulio Meotti The Gender Obsessed West Sets Itself Up for the Rise of Islam.


11. Ayaan Hirsi Ali  Heretic: Why Islam Needs a Reformation Now . Harper.2015


12. For practical policies to stop Islamisation:  




It hurts when you realise just how far down the slippery slope we already are. A member of Q Society and ALA explored this disturbing feeling only recently and took the time to write about it. This article is her personal account linking feminism and freedom to our current crisis. We think her record is worth reading and sharing. QWire Ed.


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