Q Society Media Release re Settlement of Halal Court Case

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Media Statement

Following media reports today and comments made by others, Q Society makes this response to the requests for information consequent upon this morning’s media reports.

Landmark Halal Court Case Ends in Mediation

Civil rights organisation Q Society of Australia Inc. and a halal certifier agreed to end their long-running legal dispute in a mediation session on Monday, 27 February 2017.

For details please refer to the attached settlement announcement.

The president of Q Society, Mrs Debbie Robinson, said: “From today, we are no longer forced to tie up resources in a legal dispute that could have lasted for years. We can now dedicate time and resources to our primary purpose: To critically inform Australians about Islam and the impositions of fundamentalist Muslim organisations on Australian communities. We will work diligently towards political measures to stop the Islamisation of Australia.”

Mrs Robinson continues:  “The case has provided valuable media exposure for our cause.  Q Society will continue to investigate and expose the practices of some halal certifiers and lobby for the implementation of three fair and simple policy proposals concerning halal certification: Mandatory labelling, apply the ‘User Pays’ principle and end workplace discrimination.”

“Under the terms of settlement, the certifier must pay for his legal costs. All donations made to the Q Society Legal Defence Fund go towards our defence costs, which I estimate to be in excess of $500,000.

“I want to thank our supporters who stood by us and so generously donated to our legal defence. The support we received shows that the Australian community spirit is alive and strong.”



Contact: Debbie Robinson

Mobile: 0422 347 176

Email: president@qsocietyaustralia.org

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