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by Geoff Dickson, past president of Q Society.

 After many years of researching and writing about Islam, I have become so aware of the deliberate attempts to delegitimize Israel and deny the historical connection to the land. We see events like Israel Apartheid Week played out

Israel Apartheid Week.jpg around the world and movements like BDS which aim at destroying Israel. With this in mind we again visited Israel in September 2016 to investigate issues further and visit known hot spots like Hebron and Bethlehem. Indeed there were travel warnings against Hebron as we booked a tour with a Ramallah based tour group and also we were in Jerusalem at the time of the funeral for Shimon Peres who was revered by Israelis but roundly condemned by Muslims and even Australia’s Green party leader Richard Di Natali.

Why is truth so important?

Increasingly there are signs everywhere of deception and rewriting of our history to distort the truth. Our universities are awash with Arab oil money to subvert the next generation of students and rogue text books are present in our schools, presenting a distorted picture of history deliberately undermining western civilization and culture.

Mind your language

I personally don’t like the word “Palestinian” in the context used today as it originally applied to the Jews not the Arabs. Likewise I find terms like “occupied”,” illegal settlers” and even the “West Bank” offensive as it is a deliberate attempt to undermine Israeli sovereignty.

What are Arabs saying?

At this point before continuing, let us revisit what Arabs have said about Palestine in the past. For over 40 years, Arab figures from PLO, Fatah and Hamas have consistently stated that the Palestinian people is a falsehood designed to destroy Israel. Do our political leaders listen?

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