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It is no secret that the Left loathes the Australia that provides us with a lifestyle and freedoms that are the envy of the rest of the world. They despise our democratic institutions and Western values. The leftist insurgency into Australian universities, bureaucracies and mainstream media tirelessly denigrates all things Australian whilst promoting tolerance of all that is opposed to free, democratic society. All those who do not fall into line behind the Left's ideocracy are branded right wing extremists and publicly vilified. Any house with a flag pole and Australian flag is condemned as the home of a racist. And anyone who questions the spread of Islam in Australia is subjected to personal abuse and possibly violence.

Our political leaders and public service elite, our media commentators and university academics have all cultivated a contemptuous and patronising attitude of purporting to know what is best for all Australians, but it's patently clear that these imbeciles are selling our nation out wholesale. None, apparently, believe that the way of life they enjoy - probably to a greater extent than the great unwashed have any opportunity to - is worth defending.

Australian - and indeed Western - universities are petri dishes within which are being cultured a viral melange of neo-Marxist, feminist and post-colonialist theorists, who argue that western civilisation is oppressive, racist, misogynistic and founded in histories and cultures that are no longer relevant. Any opinion to the contrary is either ignored, ridiculed or assassinated. In today's academic environment censorship is the norm, whilst challenging assumptions or speaking openly and freely is blocked or suppressed.

Western civilisation may not be perfect, but it has the unique characteristic of being able to self-critique and adjust. Western thought is based on reason, enquiry, analysis and discussion, rather than myth, superstition, here-say and hysteria. Yet today, illogically, academics and students alike defend Islam from "oppression" and the media - our self-appointed guardians of truth and freedom - follow suit. And why is it that feminists shrill about misogyny in Australia yet remain silent on the issues of polygamy, infant brides and female genital mutilation.

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To find out more about the widespread application of institutional censorship and the apparent stupidity of supposedly intelligent Australians, read the latest edition of FACE THE FACTS.

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I think, before we can limit the spread of islam in this country, we first need to rein in the deluded left, much of their deluded self righteousness can be traced back to the influence & "moral standards" of feminism.
I believe that the old fashioned fair dinkum character of Australians was gradually suppressed with the rise of feminism & its whole new set of standards, beliefs & rules, and expectations of all of us to conform to this new norm.
Long story short, feminists have always seen themselves as the highest & purest form of humanity on the planet. They love to display their sympathy for victims who have been wronged, displaying their concern for the disadvantaged, and generally showing the world what wonderful humanitarians they are.
But theres one single trait, that all feminists & their followers possess, that forever bars them off from any pretence of having the moral high ground….
They fight dirty…real dirty, if need be...and thats how they win,
Theres no such thing as "fairness" in the feminist rule book, except of course, whatever they think is fair for them.
Worse still, they see absolutely nothing wrong with this.
Whether it be bullying, smearing, shaming, blaming, deceiving, cheating, dobbing, backstabbing, whistle blowing, ganging up, or going over your head, to win, they will do it if they can, without any qualms.
This is how they win arguments and this is how they managed to suppress the old fair dinkum culture of Australians and replace it with a politically correct culture like their own, a culture where everyone has to be careful what they say & do.
It never seems to occur to them, that people who use these dirty tactics to win & dominate others, are not morally superior people.
Good and decent people don't fight dirty & cheat to win, because they have the powerful weapon of truth on their side.
Feminists always fight dirty & cheat to win, because more often than not, they haven't got the weapon of truth on their side, apart from maybe half truths.
To fight the leftoids, the focus needs to be put back on them & their behaviour & tactics.
They need to be called out for what they are..people who fight dirty to win, and remind them always, that genuinely good people don't fight dirty.

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