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Face The Facts - Vol 1, Ed 5

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Click on the link below to read how fear and threats - both real and perceived - are gagging free speech and the willingness of Australians to engage in any kind of debate about multi-culturalism and the colonisation-by-stealth of our wilting Nation. While the disconnect between Canberra and the rest of Australia widens, Federal Govt apathy and its failure to work in the interests of the people by whom it was elected is not only allowing - but encouraging - the Islamisation of our Nation and our once free and liberal society. Islamists preach hate and publish films that call for the destruction of Australia as we know it, and for the conversion or death of all non-Islamic people, with complete impunity. Anyone raising a voice against the Islamist vitriol does so knowing they are risk of bringing the full weight of anti-discrimination legislation down upon them. How is that fair ? How is that just ? And how is that not - of itself - discriminatory ?

Our laws and judicial system no longer protect us, and so we live in fear - of what is, and what is to come.

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