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Michel Houellebecq's recently published novel SUBMISSION is a fictional account of the Islamic overthrow of France (that great Republic whose national motto translates as Liberty, Equality, Fraternity) by nothing more than a popular vote. That internationally recognised motto, first uttered by Robespierre during the French revolution and later enshrined within France's national psyche during the Third Republic, is in oppositional conflict to the fanatical political, social, economic and militarist system called Islam. Yet, in Houellebecq's novel, an Islamist leader rises to power in France through free elections because the French, individually and en masse, choose to submit in silence rather than resist.

Australia is heading down the same pathway. Our once great nation of individuals (who have always bucked authority and spoken our minds, who have always championed our indisputable right to a "fair go", and who - until more recently - have defiantly taken to the streets in protest against various issues when we believed our national leaders were just plain wrong) are submitting. This caving-in is especially true of our leaders and prominent community spokespersons, and also - surprisingly - of our journalists. In our time, the greatest threat to freedom and equality in our nation is its creeping Islamisation, yet our politicians, our security services and our clerics are mute and immobile. And so are the vast majority of our mostly free citizens. Free, that is, for the present.

The tectonic plates of two incompatible cultures are colliding against each other in Australia, with increasing velocity and violence. Islamist and liberal western cultures are increasingly coming into conflict, and the casualties of this conflict are the freedoms and rights that the majority of Australians have taken for granted and been able to rely upon since at least the beginning of Federation. Some of us see what is happening, but know that we are muzzled by the manipulated laws of our culture. Others see what is happening, but fear the consequences of speaking out. Others, again, have spoken out and experienced media bias or lies or physical violence at first hand.

Cultural hatred, threats, fear, repression and violence are stock in trade for Islamists. As a citizenry, we know this, yet we turn away. We see beheadings on the streets of London and the shooting murders of Australians in our cafes and public streets, and we turn away. Our vulnerable young girls and women are pack-raped by men who call them whores and sneer at and revile the freedoms inherent in our liberal western culture, and we turn away. Because we fear.

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Face the Facts Vol1 Ed4.pdf

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