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Edition 2 of Face The Facts considers multiculturalism. In the Australian context, multiculturalism has facilitated the creation of ethnic and cultural schisms within our society. Somehow, during the 1970s, the Indonesian mantra of "Unity Through Diversity" established a beach-head amongst our Elite Thinkers in Canberra. The Australian experience of multiculturalism has been that migrants are encouraged to establish scale model foreign nations on Australian soil. Until recently, this policy had been relatively benign, because none of those mini-nations had sought to dominate and destroy their host, and impose its own system of laws and politics on the nation as a whole. That is no longer the case, as has been well aired in our national press, and Face The Facts presents a factual commentary that refutes the validity of this segregationist social policy in our present time. This article is a must read.

Don't forget to read the "What the ...?" and "Did you know ?" sections.

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