Pulling up stumps

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Muslim spinner given leave to keep a sponsor off his back

There are many aspects of Islam that are unpalatable to Australians and our core values. Islam consistently demonstrates it's supremacist nature and it's obdurate refusal to accept anything other than a complete submission to the dictates of its so-called 'prophet'.

Australians have, to a large extent, become somewhat innured to the constant barage of Islamic demands. 

However, no matter how some people view sport, it is undeniable that Australians are cricket mad. Now, the Baggy Green is being subjected to Islamification and Cricket Australia, the sports governing body, is at the fore, leading the charge to force aspects of Sharia law onto mainstream Australia.

Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/sport/cricket/muslim-spinner-given-leave-to-keep-a-sponsor-off-his-back-20130902-2t13m.html#ixzz2dm55zoGd

There are many questionable issues raised by this 'soft jihad' tactic.

Some aspects that should be noted about this are not only:

  1. That Fawad Ahmed has elevated his beliefs into pre-eminence over all other players and
  2. That Fawad Ahmed has made this religion sacrosanct and untouchable in the team and cricketing environment in general
  3. Or that Cricket Australia has backed this move to the full.

These things are self-statingly obvious and outrageous in and of themselves but I would like people to consider the following:

  1. That Fawad Ahmed actually knew before-hand that he was trialling and hoping for selection into a team that had already been named as the "VB Tour of England". 
  2. Surely, knowing this was the case, he should have absented himself pre-trial and selection? He had every opportunity to declare his 'religious conviction' but has chosen to impose those beliefs after the fact.
  3. Taking those factors into consideration there is no other way to view this action than as jihadist and islamicly supremacist.

Cricket Australia needs to be made accountable for allowing this to happen. 

Fawad Ahmed is , at best, a questionable 'refugee'. After all, the man was playing cricket at an elite level already, in a country that treats cricketers as gods. His major reason for seeking refugee status was that Pakistan is banned from International cricket.
You may not be aware that, in 2010-11, Cricket Australia intervened and gained special visa considerations for this man and his visa application purely because he was deemed a cricketing advantage! All the while, genuine refugees languish in squalor, forming the legal queue to gain recognition of legitimate refugee status.

You can fob this off as unimportant and a bit of a storm in a tea cup. You can also believe that islam is a religion of peace with no political agenda or that pigs can fly.

Imagine being the sponsor, hoping for international advertising coverage and a public relations benefit, only to find your product portrayed as evil, sinful and degenerate by a player who accepts your money and patronage and who continues to enjoy every other benefit that your patronage provides!

This man will continue to stay in 5 star accomodation, fly in First Class airplanes, eat on Carlton and United Breweries tab and have the priveledge of playing First Class cricket on CUB's tab, all the while slandering them and exposing them as promotors of evil.

It is time for all Australians to take a stand and inform ALL our peak representational bodies that we have standards of behavior, mores and ethics that are not negotiable, that we resent and will resist any attempt to impose a foreign ideology onto us. Boycott cricket.

This man, this 'cricketer', must have known what sort of country he was asking to live in. He cannot pretend he was unaware of the cultural practices we have. No-one on the international cricket stage could be unaware of CUB's enormous advertising and promotional interests in the Australian team.

To now cite his religion as a reason to enforce his arcane beliefs onto an entire nation is to have declared an act of jihad. Oh yes, it's "the soft jihad" but none the less pervasive and clear in intent.

Other Pakistaniis have made their attitude towards kufar cricketers plain, in the not too distant past.



What did this man seek refuge from, that made Australia such a desirable address for him? What other aspects of our nation are distasteful and unacceptable to him?

Cricket Australia has opened a Pandoras box and now we will all be subjected to the worst form of tyranny known to man - religious bigotry.

Time to pull up stumps on cricket.


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