The Khybar Syndrome

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By Geoff Dickson

The Khybar Syndrome is the observed effect worldwide of Muslims following the actions and deeds of their prophet Mohammed of which the clearest example is what happened at the Jewish village of the Khybar in May 628AD.

This article is dedicated to exposing a small set of scripture that provides the fundamentals of Islamic terror, and to do this there is no better example than to examine what transpired in May 628AD when Mohammed attacked the villages of the Khybar Jews. Umar exhibited the Khybar syndrome when he invaded Jerusalem in 637AD and within ten years the Khybar effect had plunged Europe into the Dark Ages.



Many people know of the Stockholm syndrome were a victim identifies with their abuser. But there is another syndrome which is more pervasive and more dangerous to humanity.

The guiding principle behind the Khybar syndrome is the Hadith of Terror, the verse of the sword and the definition of Jihad from Islamic law.

It was Mohammed's practice to first invite people to Islam. This is called the soft Jihad.

If they refused, he would wait nearby to hear a morning call to prayer. If the prayer was not heard, Mohammed prayed to Allah to give up the lives and property of these people to Mohammed and his followers. This is the hard Jihad where fighting is condoned.

This is clearly stated in the hadith of Bukhari vol. 1 book 2 no. 24.

Today in the west, we are in the stage of "soft Jihad" where non-Muslims are invited to submit to Allah and become Muslims. This is apparent in the numerous Interfaith meetings and Islamic conferences held to show how peaceful Islam is as a religion.

Islamic Dawah is in full swing and it is a trend to hold seminars entitled "Islam is Peace".

If Islam really was peaceful, there would be no need to hold such debates and people would shrug their shoulders and say "Boring, we all know Islam is peace". Recently on 28 February 2013, the Oxford Union in England held such a debate and of course the majority voted that Islam is indeed peace. While one can point to endless examples of violence committed by Muslims, the standard reply is that there is a small group of Muslims who misunderstand the religion. Just giving endless examples of violence by Muslims is not enough, it seems.

To properly address this question it is necessary to highlight the scripture which drove Mohammed in his quest to spread Islam using terror. The consequences for mankind have been tragic as generations of Muslims follow the perfect example of their prophet.

When the Marvi Marmara flotilla ship sailed from Turkey to break the naval blockade at Gaza, the cry went up from the Muslim world: "Remember the Khybar, O Jews". It is imperative that we all understand what it means to say "remember the Khybar O Jews".

The Islamic Trinity

To understand the Khybar Syndrome, all one needs to do is to consider the Islamic Trinity.The KISS principle tells us to Keep Islam Simple Stupid, and we can. To understand why Islam is not peaceful, all you need to study is:

  1. The Hadith of Terror [Bukhari vol 1 book 7 no.331]

  2. The Verse of the Sword in the Quran. [Sura 9:5]

  3. The definition of Jihad in Islamic law. [Reliance of the Traveller Law O9.0,1]

Understanding the Khybar Syndrome is as simple as one, two and three: The hadith of terror gave Mohammed a licence to use terror and to steal, the verse of the sword allowed every stratagem of war and Islamic law in Law O9.0 calls for a war to establish the religion by slaying the unbelievers wherever they are.

A leading scholar from Gaza, Dr Masjid Al-Balushi, stated in 2009 that any Muslim at all can become a terrorist overnight by reading the verse of the sword and reflecting on the associated hadith. If it is so easy for a Muslim to become a terrorist, how can Islam call itself a peaceful religion?

Observational Effects of the Khybar Syndrome

To understand the parallels between what Mohammed achieved at Khybar in 628AD and what is happening today, consider the following comparisons:

Mohammed at Khybar in 628AD

When we read the life of Mohammed we notice that he would attack non-Muslim villages and after a general slaughter, he would hand the captive women around to be raped and then collect women and children for slavery. Taking booty and stealing was sanctioned by Allah and lastly he would place a protection tax on those left alive. To Mohammed who was instructed to spread Islam using terror, his tools of terror included killing, raping, enslaving, stealing booty and applying a protection tax on those whose lives he spared. The Khybar is a classic example of this where Mohammed lived off the wealth and toil of conquered people.

Mohammed stated that he could fight those who did not accept that he was the prophet of Allah and he was entitled to take their lives and property. [Bukhari vol 1 book 2 no. 24]

Muslims today in non-Muslim countries like Britain

Today Muslims have no need to invade countries on camels and horses with drawn swords, they simply migrate to places like Britain by the Eurostar or flying with Emirates airlines, however they still exhibit the same behaviour as Mohammed did in the seventh century.

Muslims in Britain largely live off the wealth and industry of the British people with recent statistics claiming that 50% of Muslim men and 75% of Muslim women receive welfare benefits from the government costing the British taxpayer about 13 billion pounds a year.

British workers call welfare the Job Seekers Allowance.

Muslims call this welfare the Jihad Seekers Allowance. (according to Anjem Choudary)

The Hadith of Terror tells Muslims that infidel lands like Britain belong to them and one weapon of terror employed by Mohammed was to rape the infidel women.

Muslim gangs in Britain are following the example of their prophet and dominate the rape statistics in Britain as they do throughout Europe in countries like Sweden, Norway and Denmark. As a rule, the majority of reported rapes are committed by Muslims who comprise less than 10% of the local population. Even with low numbers at less than 5%, Muslims dominate the prison population and crime statistics proving that they are not integrating, and they demand and get special benefits not afforded to other religions. These special benefits include generous government grants, segregated toilets and washrooms, prayer rooms and their Halal food. The Hadith of Terror entitles Muslims to believe they deserve special privileges in countries like Britain.

Muslims start to practice the soft Jihad by attending interfaith meetings and running conferences with catchy titles like "Islam is Peace".

Muslim migration to countries like Britain is a civilization Jihad process, and the largest world-wide body for Islam, the Muslim Brotherhood, has enshrined this principle in their mission statement.

Muslim_Brotherhood_Emblem.jpgCivilization Jihad Mission Statement

In 1987 the Shura Council of North America defined their Mission statement and it was expressed this way in 1991 by Mohamed Akram (aka Mohamed Adlouni).

"The process of settlement is a 'Civilization-Jihadist Process' and their work is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and sabotaging its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God's religion is made victorious over all other religions".

This is clear then that Muslim migration to non-Muslim countries exposes the Khybar Syndrome with the intention to overthrow the government and live off the wealth and labours of the unbelievers. To understand this, we need to examine Islamic scripture.

First Things

Islam is basically an Arab centric religion and we look to the Arabs for guidance here. Mohammed said that Arabs were the best race (and Jews the worst), the Quran can only be understood in Arabic and the language of those in Paradise is Arabic.

The Arabs have provided us with two famous sayings or mantras which help us to understand why Islam is not, never has been and never will be peaceful.

Two famous Arab sayings

"First comes Saturday and then comes Sunday".

This is interpreted as saying that first we must kill the Jews (Saturday people) and then we must kill the Christians (Sunday people). Islam claims to be one of the three great Abrahamic faiths yet strangely Islamic scripture calls for Muslims to kill their Abrahamic brothers in the Jews and Christians. How can this be peaceful?

Considering that there are well over two billion Christians and Jews on our planet, how can Islam ever be peaceful if Muslims are required to kill their Abrahamic brothers?

Jews must be killed even if they hide behind a stone or a tree. [Muslim book 41 no. 6985]

Christians who are called pigs must be killed. [Bukhari vol 3 book 34 no. 425]

The next famous saying is about deception and remember that Mohammed said that in his shortest hadith that war is deceit. [Bukhari vol 4 book 52 no. 268]

"Show a victim's face and you will take over". [In Arabic: Tamaskan Tatamakan]

Muslims embrace this today when they perform the great dummy spit after an act of terrorism to gain sympathy for the perpetrators of violence rather than the victims. This ploy calls for Muslims to be the victims rather than the people who have suffered the acts of terrorism. And it has been very successful as we look at the examples of the World Trade centre in 9/11, the Madrid train bombings in 2004 and the London bombings in July 2005.

The Hadith of Terror

The first step to understanding the Islamic trinity is to consider the Hadith of Terror.

Nothing in Islamic scripture explains the killing, the raping, the enslaving and the protection tax more clearly than this one hadith of Bukhari. [Bukhari vol. 1 book 7 no.331]

Mohammed claims to have been given five things that no prophet had been given before and the first three amount to new laws which contradict the Ten Commandments given to Moses and the Law as supported by Jesus.

The three new laws Mohammed claimed are these:

  1. Allah made me victorious by terror, frightening my enemies for a distance of one month's journey

  2. The Earth has been made for me and my followers, a place to pray and anyone of my followers can pray whenever the time of prayer is due

  3. The booty has been made lawful for me yet it was not lawful for anyone before me.

Jesus had claimed earlier that the law would not change until Heaven and Earth had passed away but now 600 years later, Mohammed contradicts Jesus by claiming to have been given new laws. Jesus said there would be no new laws. Mohammed brought Sharia law.

Mohammed's conduct at Khybar became the model for all Muslims to follow and was copied by Umar, the second rightly-guided caliph when he did Interfaith in Jerusalem.

The hadith of Terror is behind the violent expansion of Islam leaving over 270 million dead and over 100 million taken as slaves and is why Europe was plunged into the Dark Ages within a decade of Mohammed's death. It also should be called the hadith of the Dark Ages.

At this point we look for guidance to the Sirat Rasul Allah by ibn Ishaq and refer to pages 510 to 512 which recount Mohammed's actions at the Khybar.

The Battle of the Khybar (May 628AD)


We notice that Mohammed had established a pattern of conduct which involved raiding Jewish villages to fund his military campaigns. Mohammed had found that raiding caravans near Mecca was small change and that Jewish villages were far more rewarding.

Why raid the Jews of Khybar?

We notice that in an earlier raid on the Jews of Banu Nadir, Mohammed had failed to secure their treasure and was told that Kinana, the Jewish leader of Khybar, was protecting it.

Also there had been a drought in Medina and food was scarce. People of al-Aslam had asked Mohammed for food and Mohammed knew that the Khybar Jews had rich pastures and fat livestock, so it was compelling to raid the Khybar.

What was the trigger to conduct the raid?

Mohammed and his merry men arrived at Khybar at nightfall and they waited until dawn as Mohammed would listen for the call to prayer and would launch an attack if he did not hear the adhan call to prayer. Ibn Ishaq tells us that Mohammed would always say this prayer to Allah to deliver the town to him and all its booty.

"O Allah, Lord of Heavens and what they overshadow...

We ask thee for the good of this town and the good of its people and the good of what is in it, and we take refuge in Thee from its evil." [ibn Ishaq page 511]

All that Mohammed needed to invade a village was if he did not hear the call to prayer and then he would pray to Allah to deliver the booty. Obviously no Jewish or Christian village would sound the Islamic call to prayer so this was a mere formality on behalf of Mohammed to justify his acts of terror and violence.

Summary of the raid

In the morning the Jews came out with their buckets and spades to work their fields and tend their livestock. When they saw Mohammed and his merry marauders they turned tail and fled. The apostle said "Allah Akbar Khybar is destroyed". [ibn Ishaq page 511]

What happened then was:

  1. A general slaughter occurred until there was no resistance

  2. Women were passed around to be raped as they were considered to be part of the booty. Mohammed chose Safiyya, the pretty wife of Kinana, the man whom Mohammed had tortured and then beheaded for not revealing the treasure of the Banu Nadir

  3. Booty was stolen and passed around to reward the brave Muslims

  4. Women and children of the Khybar were taken as slaves


  5. The men of the Khybar who remained alive were allowed to stay there by agreeing to pay Mohammed a protection tax amounting to half their annual earnings.

This was the pattern of behaviour that Mohammed passed down to the rightly-guided Caliphs and to Muslims leaders down the following centuries. We will examine shortly how Caliph Umar followed this example when he journeyed to Jerusalem in 637AD.

Inshallah Raping

Mohammed in his great wisdom realised that raping captive women would present a problem to his men, so he showed his enormous compassion and magnificence in the following way (to Muslims only, of course).

  1. When a women is widowed after her husband is killed, her marriage is automatically annulled. This resolves the problem of his men committing adultery.

  2. Next the widowed woman is no longer considered a woman, a wife or a mother, but merely an 'it' as she becomes a sex slave. In Sura 4:3, a Muslim can take up to 4 wives and an unlimited number of concubines or 'those who your right hand possesses'.

  3. And lastly, Mohammed relieved the stress caused by worrying that the sex slave will become pregnant by condoning the practice of 'Inshallah raping' which means if Allah wills it then it will happen. Imagine the relief when after a hard day of killing and chopping off heads, these brave Muslims don't have to worry about coitus interruptus. No wonder Muslims call Mohammed the greatest man who ever lived!

When referring to concubines in the Quran, the Arabic relative pronoun used to indicate captive sex-slaves is "it"--as in an animal--not "she" as in a woman. (Sura 4:3).

The renowned exegete al-Qurtubi (d.1273) likens women to animals. "Women are like cows, horses, and camels, for all are ridden." Tafsir al-Qurtubi (vol 17, p. 172)

And the great philosopher and scientist Averroes (ibn Rushd - d.1198) from Al-Andalus stated that women were the domestic animals of Islam.

We must not forget that the great spiritual leader of Shia Islam, Ayatollah Khomeini, approves of the practice of sex with animals.

"A man can have sex with sheep, cows and camels - however he should kill the animal after his orgasm. He should not sell the meat to people in his own village, however selling the meat to the next door village should be fine". [Tahrirolvasyleh 4th volume by Darol Elm, Gom, Iran 1990]

The Veiling Paradox

"The abuse rate of women rises proportionally as the percentage of women wearing head to toe coverings rises".

The Islamic phenomenon of inshallah raping is also linked to the wearing of the veil.

Muslims tell us that the veil protects a woman's modesty and women in western countries are under increasing attack by Muslims for not wearing the veil. It is used as an excuse for rape. However, the evidence is that the abuse and rape of women is much greater in Islamic countries than in the west. The most progressive Islamic nation is Turkey and the reported abuse rate of women is not less than 42%. This rises in countries where the niqab and burqa are worn by most women, with the abuse rate in Pakistan being over 70% and in Afghanistan, the abuse rate of women is over 80%. This leads to the veiling paradox.

This is the opposite of what we are supposed to believe, that wearing the veil protects a woman and not exposes her to harm and abuse, but the reality in Islamic countries is that women suffer greater abuse where the veil is worn more frequently.

Origins of veiling

We need to study the actions of Umar to understand why women were forced to veil. Umar was in the habit of following women into the privies to observe what they did. In those times, Muslim women shared the privy with captive women. One day when Umar had rightly guided himself into the privies, he noticed one of Mohammed's wives.

Umar said "I have recognised you, O Sauda" and then Umar insisted that Mohammed veil his wives to protect them from accidental rape. [Bukhari vol.1 book 14 no.148]

Following this, Mohammed brought down the verse of the veil requiring Muslim women to be covered from head to toe. [Q33:59] At the Khybar. Mohammed first raped Safiyya then married her within days of being at the Khybar, and a hadith tells us Safiyya was forced to wear the body coverings.

Questions for Islamic Scholars

The actions and deeds of Mohammed pose some serious questions for Islamic scholars who hold Mohammed to be the example for all Muslims to follow.

These questions need to be answered.

  1. Where in the Quran does it sanction the raping of a woman before marriage as Mohammed did to Safiyya at the Khybar?

  2. Where in the Quran does it allow a Muslim to use manumission in place of a dowry?

  3. Where in the Quran does it allow a Muslim to marry a divorced woman without waiting the mandatory three months?

Interfaith at Jerusalem

Now that we understand the conduct of Mohammed at Khybar, we should expect that Caliph Umar should follow the example, and he does. In the year 637AD, the bishop at Jerusalem was a man called Sophronius and he has left his account of the first Muslim Christian Interfaith at Jerusalem. In that year, Umar gathered his fellow Muslims and headed off to Jerusalem on their camels and horses. As Umar rightly guided his troops towards Jerusalem, they destroyed crops in the fields, burned villages, looted churches and burned then down, killed the priests and raped the nuns. Mohammed would have been proud!

In the words of Sophronius, the bishop of Jerusalem:

"Why are the troops of the Saracens attacking us?

Why has there been so much destruction and plunder?

Why are there incessant outpourings of human blood?

Why are the birds of the sky devouring human bodies?

Why have the churches been pulled down and the cross mocked?

The God-hating Saracens overrun places not allowed to them, plunder cities, devastate fields, burn down villages, set on fire the holy churches and overturn sacred monasteries".

Caliph Umar met bishop Sophronius at the gates of Jerusalem and forced him to clean rubbish from the Temple Mountain then put him in prison where he died after 12 months. So ended the first Muslim Christian Interfaith between Abrahamic brothers-in-arms.

Terror in the twenty first century.

History tells us that the same pattern of behaviour that Mohammed exhibited at the Khybar in 628AD has been followed by generations of Muslims ever since. Because today Muslims do not have the military strength, they have added a modern twist, which is built around the famous Arab saying of playing the victim card. It may be expressed thus:

The Victory Equation

Terror + Muslim Dummy Spit = Victory

An act of terror followed by a Muslim Dummy Spit yields a victory to Islam.

The Muslim Dummy Spit

After an act of terror, Muslims perform this ritual to make people believe that they are the victims and not the people they have just terrorised.

"We are the victims, we are the victims

You are racists, you are Islamophobes

You are killing Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan

Wa wa wa"

9/11 New York

The act of terrorism was to fly planes into the World Trade centre and killing 3,000 people.

Then came the dummy spit. We are the victims. Americans are killing Muslims in Iraq.

President George Bush then states that Islam is peace.

The reward: Tens of thousands of Americans rush to join up as Muslims and government money flows to Islamic bodies to build mosques and Islamic schools which will teach hatred towards America and that Jews and Christians must be killed.

2004 Madrid Atocha train station

The act of terrorism was to blow up trains killing innocent commuters.

Then came the dummy spit. We are the victims. Spanish troops are killing Muslims in Iraq.

The reward:The Spanish government pulls its troops out of Iraq giving terror a victory.

2005 London Underground and buses

The act of terrorism was to blow up trains and buses killing commuters.

Then came the dummy spit. We are the victims. British troops are killing Muslims.

Prime Minister Tony Blair stated that Islam was peaceful.

The reward: Thousands of British people rush to join up as Muslims.

Blair offers government positions to Muslims as advisors and funding to Islamic societies.

In each case, acts of terrorism followed by the Muslim Dummy Spit brings rewards to Islam through conversions to Islam and government grants.


In his first 13 years at Mecca, Mohammed tried peaceful means to convert people to Islam and only attracted about 150 to become Muslims. However when he moved to Medina he found that terror was more effective and he attracted about 100,000 to Islam.

Using terror was 1,000 times more successful than using peace.

The business model Mohammed used to bring victory was to employ terror.

Mohammed received new laws to spread Islam by terror and as he raided village after village, killing, raping, enslaving and stealing, the news spread and whole villages converted to Islam rather than to experience Islamic terror sanctioned by Allah.

Mohammed set the perfect example at Khybar in 628. Umar followed it in 637 when he did interfaith at Jerusalem and ever since faithful Muslims have exhibited the Khybar syndrome.

Even today, we see examples of people rushing to convert to Islam after acts of terror, such as after 9/11 in New York and the London bombings in 2005.

In Mohammed's own words, it was terror that made him victorious.



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Any Muslim becomes a terrorist overnight after studying the verse of the sword

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It seems that we go on forever knowing and witnessing the violent insanity that is Islam. Yet it seems as if our leaders are unable to face what’s happening because it is so beyond what they can accept as possible, so they stonewall against believing it and opt for concession instead.
It’s as if we have to break through a mental sound barrier.

Great web site. Plenty of helpful information here. I?¦m sending it to several friends ans additionally sharing in delicious. And naturally, thank you to your effort!

Very good; Geoff knows Islam well. This might have been an oversight:
"When a women is widowed after her husband is killed, her marriage is automatically annulled. This resolves the problem of his men committing adultery."

Widowhood ends a marriage naturally. Muhammad ruled that when a Muslim captures a non-Muslim woman, that annuls her marriage, even if her non-Muslim husband is still alive. She is now available as a slave for halal sex with her Muslim captor(s).

Geoff's comment about the Islamic rule of waiting 3 months, to see if a divorced woman is pregnant, before she is available for sex with a new husband/owner assumes that the readers know a bit about these rules, which are in the Qur'an passages about women and divorce. I had pondered the effect of a visible rape-pregnancy affecting her sale price as a slave, or the risk of upsetting her new owner if he only realised later that her first child after purchase was not his progeny, but I had not reflected that such behaviour also broke the Islamic "three months" rule regarding the possibility that a woman might be pregnant even before being captured and enslaved. I think that the current "Islamic State" takes this into account in their published handbook on sex slaves.

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