Building Bridges on Deceptions?

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Melbourne, 10 July 2013 - Q Society, Australia’s leading Islam-critical organisation which hosted Dutch MP Geert Wilders in February, responds to the latest attempt of Islamist group ‘MyPeace’ to proclaim historical personalities for Islamic propaganda.

Rachel Blaxendale in “The Australian” (p3 on 9 July 2013) discusses one example in her article “Ads for Islam misquote Shaw from bogus book”. George Bernard Shaw is attributed by ‘MyPeace’ with a quote on Islam he never made, referenced from a book he never wrote. In fact Shaw was outspoken critical of Islamic violence and intolerance.

The ‘MyPeace’ ads continue with a skewered portrayal of Mahatma Ghandi as admirer of the Arab warlord and Islamic prophet Mohammed. As a matter of fact the historical Gandhi was a practicing Hindu. Muslim conquerors invading the subcontinent slaughtered millions of Hindus refusing to convert to Islam. Religious unrest and civil war between Hindus and Muslims led to the separation of Pakistan and Bangladesh from India. Violent clashes and animosities between Muslims and Hindus continue to this day. 

The “MyPeace” advertisement paints a misleading image of Islam and its history of violent expansion and dysfunctional interaction with other cultures. If a commercial advertiser would misrepresent his products in such fashion, consumer protection organisations would be up in arms, seeking immediate judicial injunctions. How will Australians react when faced with this form of false advertising for a socio-political ideology claiming to be ‘just another religion’? Will we once more sacrifice the truth on the altar of multiculturalism and continue to tolerate the intolerable? 

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