An Event Not to Be Missed

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Tareq Al-Suwaidan is a Kuwaiti entrepreneur, I...

Tareq Al-Suwaidan is a Kuwaiti entrepreneur, Islamic author and speaker, and a leader of the Kuwaiti Muslim Brotherhood. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By Debbie Robinson

An event not to be missed took place on Saturday 9th June 2012, at Monash University, Robert Blackwood Hall. 'Human Appeal International-Australia' in co-operation with 'Gulf Innovation' presented Doctor Tareq Al Suwaidan.

Following an entry fee of ten dollars, we proceeded to the foyer after passing an open bar selling an assortment of beer wines and spirits, a paper sign pinned to the left side of the wall designated the men's prayer space.

Raised bottoms greeted us.

We chatted to each other and looked out of place with our hair uncovered, this together with the fact a man was with our group. Following some laughter at a risqué piece of artwork hanging opposite the men's prayer area, the time finally came for us to enter the auditorium. Told to sit separately, we explained we were not Muslim. The response, "The request has nothing to do with religion."

Our male friend decided to make his way to the male entrance, followed by a procession of women who wanted to sit with him. At this entrance a similar scenario, auditorium staff genuinely confused, allowed us to enter after another explanation about not being Muslim and wanting to sit together as a group.

Feeling safe and relaxed, we spied a large lady with colourful hijab and red face to match making her way toward us. Once more the request was made for us to sit separately. Our response, "No we wish to remain as a group. We are not Muslim. The event is open to the public and taking place in a university lecture hall. Segregated seating is not mentioned on the flyer. Please leave us alone." We pointed out we were guests and felt offended by the endless harassment.
More huffing and puffing from the aforementioned woman who made it clear we must respect their rules. Observed and discussed from afar for a further ten minutes, we were finally permitted to sit together. Victory was ours.

Following an introduction, praising Minister Chris Bowen for fast forwarding the visa to allow this Islamic fountain of knowledge into Australia the event began. The crowd, made up of hijab-clad women at the back of the room, Muslim men at the front and in the centre male and female non-Muslims from Q Society.

Student of philosophy, writer of Islamic history, a PhD in petroleum engineering, founder of more than eighty organisations, reader of thousands of books and who, in his own words, "Always thinks outside the box" Doctor Tareq Al Suwaidan from Kuwait resplendent in national dress discussed: Islamic Identity and How to Preserve this in the West.

He began by praising the peace loving, advanced country of Australia and his love for Melbourne. Tareq Al Suwaidan went to high school in Florida and also lived in Canada where he now has grandchildren. His aim is to improve the status of Muslims all over the world and take Islam from those who hijacked it. He did not elaborate who the hijackers might be.

A series of questions ensued relating to weakness and Islamic Identity. The audience asked to respond with a show of hands.

Have these people lost their Islamic identity?

1.      A young Muslim man likes to eat at McDonalds.

2.      A young Muslim girl likes to wear Western fashion.

3.      A young Muslim Arab speaks French or English.

4.      A young Muslim Arab girl accepts Israel's terms for peace.

5.      A Muslim girl believes in secularism.

The majority of responses and especially question 4 met with a large show of hands. Men outnumbered women in the arm-raising competition.

The lecture, tedious and thoroughly boring, delivered a subliminal message. Stating he did not believe in a clash of cultures and, true Muslims accept diversity.  The audience was asked to imagine how life would be if everyone became like Americans. Americans he claimed are the occupiers who force their identity on Islamic countries. Conversely, Islam overthrows dictatorships and sets people free to embrace whatever religion they choose. We were reminded:

           a) There is no compulsion in Islam.

           b) Islam does not suppress freedom of speech.

           c) Honour is precious in Islam and insults are not acceptable.

He went on to point out the world is not the West and the West does not understand that the Islamic civilisation was flourishing in the Dark Ages. Doctor Al Suwaidan claimed to know all the leaders of the Arab Spring and talked about the fiery passion of Arabs. Stating "Unity is the goal in the heart of all Muslims aspiring to the Ummah."  His words of wisdom continued:

a)     Language is a source of pride.

b)     Reflection of the mind is not an identity for sale.

c)      The hijab is a resistance to Western occupation of the mind. HIJAB IS AN IDENTITY & A RESISTANCE (displayed on a slide)

d)     The most disciplined people on earth are Muslims. The prayer lines speak for themselves.

Spontaneous clapping erupted from the women's area at the mere mention of the hijab. The lecture continued outlining the characteristics of today's Western Identity, which in his opinion needs to change its mentality. A cartoon depiction of Rambo appeared on a screen. First on the list, shattered families, much mention made of statistics and rates of divorce.  He claimed Westerners only give according to what they get back. The push for gay marriage is to benefit from tax breaks. Movies are dangerous giving the example of gay cowboys in Brokeback Mountain. Loyalty and belonging are not authentic in the West.  Last but not least the plight of the Palestinians and the fact we exploit Arabs for their oil by selling Vaseline at inflated prices. His comment, "Who is using who?"

He concluded with, materialism, the impression and fascination with another's identity create weakness in belief and thought.  Western Media and movies again labelled as dangerous. (No one bothers with Bollywood films according to the Doctor.)  Injustice causes detachment and hatred. Weakness of language with Ataturk of Turkey blamed as a culprit for changing the letters of the alphabet.

The event culminated with much clapping and adulation from the enthralled audience with the promise of an iPad as a raffle prize. This met with excitement, an encouraging sign that materialism is alive and well in the Islamic community.  

All in all an enlightening evening, unfortunately, Mr Bowen was nowhere in sight. Pity, he might have learned a thing or two.

Debbie Robinson



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Hi thanks for sending on this article. Unfortunately, as much as I find the Muslim religion apalling, much of what this man said about the West is true. The divorce rate, the pushing of homosexuality in movies and through the media, some of the things I see in my own Western Society are awful. The shamelessness of youth and the ME GENERATION are a sad inditement on us (I am sorry about the spelling in this) .. nevertheless, I applaud you for going to this meeting and seeing what is happening. Although I am sure a sanitised version of what they really think. It is a tragedy and a shame. heather kell

Muslims claim to have invented algebra. OK, give them the benefit of the doubt. What have Muslims invented this past thousand years? While the West invented life-saving drugs, sophisticated medical science, phones, radio, TV, cars, planes, microwave ovens, computers, the internet, satellites, radio telescopes and millions of other useful things, Muslims invented nothing. Saudi Arabia, for all it's wealth, can't build a car, letalone a plane. Its high-rise hotels are designed and built by (mostly) British architects and engineers. What can a Muslim do? Well he's pretty good at praying and killing people, especially his own people.

Congratulations on a very informative article. Congratulations for sticking to your principles on the gender separation issue. Great stuff.

Keep up the good fight. Were there any polititions or press there to listen to this frightening propaganda.

We need a few similar voices in Parliament, if not, Western Society is we know it will not survive in the longer term.

What a load of crap!! Insults are not acceptable in islam but then he goes ahead and insults westerners in their own country, with a heap of lies!

Heather...whether you like it or not, your criticisms are about FREE CHOICE. I am not particularly endeared to the groups you mention but that is what the west is about.
You see decadence, I see freedom even though I have no wish to be associated with such freedoms.

Islam is about Submission, lack of choice and Lies. Lies about honesty,prejudice, corruption and almost every vice in the book. Go an live in Saudi Arabia for a while and see the "princes" in action: their moral corruption is so blatant and yet woe betide the commoner female who shows an ankle.

You have NO choice IMHO; the west with all of its warts or Islam. Make up your mind and stop being holier than thou.
Our media and our current politicians will NEVER be forgiven once the Islamic mass vote here decides elections in about 30 yrs time. Democarcy's major fault is a unified, fanatical 3rd party. About the ONLY good thing will be the decline of the Greens whom i once supported until they went "watermelon". While Senator Singh is still a fantical leftist behind her feminine demeanour. (...)

Lynette - I didn't see any politicians which is tragic. If they listened to the propaganda and hate they might not be so keen to fast track visas.

Professor Ishanoglu is another example invited here in February by Kevin Rudd to talk to Australians about Islamophobia.

Debbie, great report!! Yes, I think it's a shame Chris Bowen, then Immigration Minister, was not present at the Lecture on the night, he may have learned a very important fact about the Islamic agenda in our Western world.We can't say we have not been warned! here it is from the horses mouth. Suwaidan ( the "moderate" muslim so loved by the fools in government) made this very telling admission.
" To the West Democracy is a Goal. To Islam Democracy is a Means"
In other words our Democracy is used against us as a MEANS for Islam to gain ascendancy over the Western world.( just look at Frances latest election, decided by the muslim vote) Despite the beatup by the world press that the Arab Spring is about muslim nations embracing democratic values, whats happening in Egypt, Libya etc, is the Muslim Brotherhood using democratic MEANS to gain power to institute Sharia Law, with all of its inherent racism and human rights abuses.
Suwaidan also mentioned that " contrary to the Media claims, the leaders of the Arab Spring are not the poor as reported , but rather the leaders are very wealthy, well educated, and he knows them all personally" prizes for guessing to which Brotherhood they all belong..Suwaidan included.

"There is no compulsion in Islam" Where are all those idols that were in the Kaaba and in/around Arabia?

"Islam does not suppress freedom of speech" VS. "insults are not acceptable". Umm...

Islam is a beautiful faith rich in terms of art, culture and history. Tareq Al-Suwaidan is right about Islam being hijacked. Christianity has been hijacked by organisations and political agendas throughout history.

In reading this I think Tareq Al-Suwaidan is trying to bolster the faith of Muslims living in Australia.
Yet, a step too far with "Resistance", discrimination against gays and exclusion of westerners in general. This is definitely divisive and counter productive. Furthermore, this festering negativity is NOT benign as we have already seen two violent protests in Sydney within the last 5 years.

The question remains, why come to Australia if you disagree with our way of life? I'm sure the answer is our standard of living. Maybe Muslims also like good healthcare, education and safe communities. I believe that its our core responsibility to ensure these perks of Australia come at a minimum cost of civil obedience. Its funny Tareq Al-Suwaidan didn't cover this topic in his speech. There was no mention of obligation to this country.

Lastly, I say that we should not mock Muslims for their dedication to their faith and the fact they embrace it as a community. I think that if we need to oppress and regulate any minority, it should be our political elites who bribe minority votes. Distracted, law abiding Australians purely make their voting decision on empty promises and pre-election budgets. Established Australians who have successfully integrated need to take responsibility for creating influential majorities and not allow warped democracy in its attempt to divide and conquer demographics. It's hard to say how to do this, but the Q society is a start and I'm sure we could take a few lessons from successful Australian Muslims.

"Islam is a beautiful faith rich in terms of art, culture and history."

I am afraid you have some distance to travel in your understanding of Islam. "Islamic art", for example, is typically the art of people conquered by Islam.
Might I suggest you read Mark Durie - The Third Choice - for a better understanding of subjugation of entire peoples?
That is the "islamic culture" we are concerned with and are determined to resist.

One thing that confuses me is that, if everything that happens happens because Allah wills it to happen, then, how come Allah has given every good innovation/discovery to Christians and ZERO to Muslims? At least since the death of Al Gazalie in 1111AD.

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