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An Event Not to Be Missed

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Tareq Al-Suwaidan is a Kuwaiti entrepreneur, I...

Tareq Al-Suwaidan is a Kuwaiti entrepreneur, Islamic author and speaker, and a leader of the Kuwaiti Muslim Brotherhood. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By Debbie Robinson

An event not to be missed took place on Saturday 9th June 2012, at Monash University, Robert Blackwood Hall. 'Human Appeal International-Australia' in co-operation with 'Gulf Innovation' presented Doctor Tareq Al Suwaidan.

Following an entry fee of ten dollars, we proceeded to the foyer after passing an open bar selling an assortment of beer wines and spirits, a paper sign pinned to the left side of the wall designated the men's prayer space.

Raised bottoms greeted us.

We chatted to each other and looked out of place with our hair uncovered, this together with the fact a man was with our group. Following some laughter at a risqué piece of artwork hanging opposite the men's prayer area, the time finally came for us to enter the auditorium. Told to sit separately, we explained we were not Muslim. The response, "The request has nothing to do with religion."

Our male friend decided to make his way to the male entrance, followed by a procession of women who wanted to sit with him. At this entrance a similar scenario, auditorium staff genuinely confused, allowed us to enter after another explanation about not being Muslim and wanting to sit together as a group.

Feeling safe and relaxed, we spied a large lady with colourful hijab and red face to match making her way toward us. Once more the request was made for us to sit separately. Our response, "No we wish to remain as a group. We are not Muslim. The event is open to the public and taking place in a university lecture hall. Segregated seating is not mentioned on the flyer. Please leave us alone." We pointed out we were guests and felt offended by the endless harassment.

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