Australians to be healed from "Islamophobia" by head of Global Islamic Organisation

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This week Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd has invited Professor Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, the Secretary General of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), to discuss "Transition and Change: The OIC and the Islamic World".

Events take place on February 15th and 16th at the National Press Club of Australia and at Griffith University, Brisbane. Following similar events in Europe and Washington, Mr Rudd's visitor is here to educate and help us overcome "Islamophobia" in Australia. 

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 The OIC, which represents 56 Islamic states, makes up the largest voting bloc of the UN. United in their effort to limit critical discussion of the Islamic religion and sharia law, these countries refuse to adhere to the UN's Universal Declaration of Human Rights. OIC members construed the 'Cairo Declaration', in which human rights are subject to interpretation by Islamic clergy and sharia law. The OIC is headquartered in Saudi Arabia, a feudal monarchy renown for violation of basic human rights under strict sharia law.

The feigned concern of the OIC with discrimination against Islam and more notably views not supportive of Islam is in contrast to the violent intolerance experienced by non-Muslim minorities in many Islamic countries, indigenous religious minorities which are not afforded the same respect, recognition or equality demanded by the OIC for Muslim immigrants in the West.  

 Author and human rights activist Ayan Hirsi Ali 's recent article 'The Global War on Christians in the Muslim World' highlights "... an unrecognised battle costing thousands of lives." With these facts in mind, there are serious questions democratic governments should be asking the OIC, before taking advice from Professor Ihsanoglu.

 Q Society appeals to Mr Rudd to show courage and openly address this discrepancy and the discrimination against non-Muslims, evident in almost every OIC country.  Vilifying critics of Islam and sharia practices as 'islamophobic' is in fact aiding and abetting those who seek to silence the debate about the rise of Islamic sharia, both in the West and in the once secular countries of the OIC.


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Contact for this release: Mrs Vickie Janson

Deputy President Q Society 

email - Phone 1300 361 200


Q Society of Australia Inc is a national grassroots organisation run by volunteers since 2010. Our members are concerned about the socio-political problems associated with the rise of Islamic sharia law in Australia; as well as religiously-motivated human rights abuses against women and indigenous religious minorities in OIC countries. We seek to inform and lobby for a free and open discussion about the socio-political impact of Islam in Australia. We oppose the Islamisation of our society and attempts to silence critical debate under the pretence of multicultural tolerance. No tolerance for the intolerant.

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Very disturbed by Foreign Minister Rudd's blinkered and uninformed views with regard to the visit of 'enlighten' us and 'cure' us of 'Islamaphobia'..
and to think I voted for him!


It's wonderful to have free speech here in Australia where men and woman are equal lets hope Mr Rudd advises our guest that his country and all the other OIC member states don't allow this and not to lecture us how Islam will save us and the world if we follow there path.
Perhaps we can thank them for changing one of there laws to allow woman to drive a vehicle in Saudi Arabia in 3 years time or was it 5 perhaps they think there religion will triumph by then and can then cancel woman drivers.
Please consider this WOMAN ARE NOT ALLOWED TO DRIVE this is how backward this country is and we invite the leader of the OIC to lecture us on How to live our life. Let's see if Mr Rudd balls are larger then our guest.

write to kevin addressing your concerns. i have.

Islamophobia - the cure is worse than the disease.

Unfortunately Mr Rudd you are not aware of the insideous agenda Islam is.
In a number of our shopping centres in W.A. they have insisted on one day every week shopping only for Muslims, one day only for Muslims to use the the local swimming pools. I dont know about you Mr Rudd but that attitude smacks of segregation, racial discrimination,a dictatorship. What we need is men and women who will step up to the plate with courage and conviction and advise Mr Ihsanoglu that we dont need his or his countrymen's influence in any shape or form when governing this country of ours. Immigrants are required to assimilate not dictate,these are our rules, laws and culture. If they find that difficult to accept then they should stay where they are, because we are not changing our lifestyle to suit theirs. Sharia law is a brutal sadistic way of life, it is not welcome, or necessary, for the country and people I love dearly. Leave well alone Mr Ihsanoglu.

I think it is time for M,K.Rudd to offer some politicians,including himself that in order to welcome the closer ties with Islam,we should send them to Islamic countries to establish closer ties with the Islamic community,especially the militant one's,for they are so misunderstood,build churches and generally show them our way of life in order to open up everyone's eyes.
It is time to wake up from the long sleep of ignorance my dear gutless politician's.

Next time think twice before you vote Labor!!
Electing Rudd was one of Australia's biggest mistakes.

The supposed refugees and immigrants from the arab nations, come here to get away from the barbaric sharia laws etc. We should not tolerate any association with those who preach this islamic fundamentialist nonsence. It is all POLITICAL to keep their people controlled.

It's time the so-called supporters of Islam get over their tactics, relying on the self-flagellating element within Western societies, where there is great concern about the rise of anti-infidel sentiments. We're really heading towards Huntington's 'War of Civilisations' unless they get rid of their evangelical urges to oust our Christian-based culture. Rudd should not be looking at loosing any more support at this moment in his career.

Why on earth would any Australian political leader want to put Our lives and our way of life in jeopardy, by enlisting the help of cruel, murderous sharia law to address so called islamophobia.
Wake up Rudd the non christian Muslims have told us what they will do to the infidels. Look at what is happening to Nigeria and many other countries. Islamic invaders have quietly and stealth-fully infiltrated many government agencies and prominent organizations to gain power. They now wreak havoc,intimidating and murdering innocent men women and children just because they are Christians. Non Muslim Nigerians, are unable to live in their own country anymore, they come here to find refuge and safety from these murderers. Now our own government wants to sell us out, Nigerians who have had to move here in order to survive this cruel regime , will tell you how deceptively and stealth-fully this regime infiltrates, we must at all cost protect our way of life,protect our right to maintain our way of life and anyone who comes here with the express purpose of changing our way of life (to that of theirs) should be sent home to their own country and their own way of life immediately. Above board migrants, welcome to our way of life and the relative safety and peace we share in this country.

"In a number of our shopping centres in W.A. they have insisted on one day every week shopping only for Muslims, one day only for Muslims to use the the local swimming pools."
Who agreed to this?
Please provide details so we can lobby with solid information.

It's not a war of civilisations. Not one of cultures or religions. It is a war between two completely different species. We have to decide which we want to survive.

I encourage everyone who has commented here to write to Kevin Rudd and express your concerns. I have only just discovered the Q Society and thank God for them. I am just absolutely flabergastered that one of our politicians is conducting a meeting such as this. What have we as a society done. Voting these idiots in to rule our country. Australia is a FREE country. A Democracy. We respect Women. We respect the differences of other's. Why on earth would we want to change our lives and our way of life to the ways of OIC? God help us all !!!

Kevin Rudd is all about getting votes from Muslims.

We should vote for RUA (Rise Up Australia) party.

Islamopobia is a crock, we are not scared of Islam we are disgusted by it. This corrupt, fascist,women degrading, homophobic religion is to be disrespected completely. There is NO place for its disgusting tenants in Australia. We must all fight to remove it from our shores.

Hi guys. In relation to some people regretting voting for current Australian politicians, I just want to comment on Europe's situation and how politics in the right to left spectrum figures into this, as I have observed it.

I have lived a few years in Denmark, noted for its relatively strict immigration policy (they have a point-based system very few other European countries use, and have received considerable criticism for it). Nationalist right-wing party ”Danish Folk Party” has been quite influential for a number of years. They have also not been afraid to take a discussion and implement counter policies when problems of integration manifested itself.

Some time ago I returned to Norway, my home country. Now, Norway has had a labor party influence for at least two voting turns now. Here, economic benefits for children are high and not limited by numbers of kids (pretty anti-feminist if you ask me). The effects of the labor policy have been staggering. In the last few years Norway has seen a lot of disconcerting developments that has been overshadowed by the terror in summer 2011. In the most ghettoized area in Oslo, people eating during Ramadan have been threatened, gays have been attacked there, a group of islamists have sent a menacing letter to the government, requiring this area to be an independent sharia-based country or zone. I know, it's nutty, but these are the kinds of delusions that are allowed to fester if there are no outer boundaries to be reminded of in terms of law. Recently, an islamist group has been trying to get weapons licenses and have been writing in social media the the Jews should look out when the get access to automatic weapons. And east-Oslo is being emptied of ethnic Norwegians, they move out when they start having kids, as they don't want their kids to grow up in challenging neighborhoods. The western immigrants live mainly on the west side of Oslo. The same pattern can be seen in other places in Norway, just at a smaller numerical scale.

Now what does this have to do with labor and conservative politics? As you can see in this Q society piece on islamophopia – therapy recommended by your government, anything is allowed under labor/socialist control as long as it is framed in a victim role. One must accommodate for the weak or those with fewer possibilities as well, that's the leftist official policy. This is blatantly exploited in Norway. All the jihadists who went from Norway to Syria to fight are on welfare benefits. Unfortunately for those of lower socio-economic status, it is necessary to have a police state that defines strict boundaries for legality and subsequently secures everyone's freedom to pursue their goals. There should still be welfare, but not for 9 kids or going against strategies that causes economic prosperity. And I think that's the core of it. The protests against the Innocence of Muslims movie didn't cause Sydney anything besides costs. The most amazing example of the victim role I have seen so far is in fact connected to the Muslim riots in Sydney. There was a 5 year old toddler who held a poster saying ” those who insult the prophet”, and the mother was later confronted with this. She replied that she didn't know what behe.ding meant. Fantastic. She was a highly educated woman from Syria. Now if all of Q Society laid down in front of the politicians offices, wailing and telling of real and imagined offenses and adverse experiences, threatening with hunger strikes and self-immolation, I'm sure we'd get something out of it (I'm reading the Nauru island coverage with keen interest these days). But we know better, don't we? If all the horses are sitting in the carriage, and none are pulling it... Not a good case for the kind of prosperity we want. At least I can see that 'the tone' in Australia is not as politically correct as in Europe, the mainstream newspaper Herald Sun ran a comment where Allah was implied as a imaginary friend. Cheers.

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