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U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton...

Obama's Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and OIC's Prof Ihsanoglu joining forces against freedom of speech. Will Gillard/Rudd do the same this week? Image via Wikipedia

For those who ponder the likely impact on freedom of speech and truth in academica that will follow this week's meetings of the Rudd/Gillard government with the visiting head of OIC, Professor Ihsanoglu, we recommend the following article from The Legal Project :

The OSCE: Yet Another Avenue for Islamists to Control Speech by Andrew E. Harrod and Adam Turner • Feb 3, 2012 at 4:59 pm

Although more attention goes to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation's (OIC) prominent attempts to police speech in Western nations regarding Islam-related topics through the UN and the "Istanbul Process", Muslim and Islamist desires to restrict critical speech concerning Islam-related topics and promote a positive image of their religion have also played a role in yet another international organization's efforts to address the debate about Islam and Muslims. 

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This week Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd has invited Professor Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, the Secretary General of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), to discuss "Transition and Change: The OIC and the Islamic World".

Events take place on February 15th and 16th at the National Press Club of Australia and at Griffith University, Brisbane. Following similar events in Europe and Washington, Mr Rudd's visitor is here to educate and help us overcome "Islamophobia" in Australia. 

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Member States of the OIC - Image via Wikipedia

 The OIC, which represents 56 Islamic states, makes up the largest voting bloc of the UN. United in their effort to limit critical discussion of the Islamic religion and sharia law, these countries refuse to adhere to the UN's Universal Declaration of Human Rights. OIC members construed the 'Cairo Declaration', in which human rights are subject to interpretation by Islamic clergy and sharia law. The OIC is headquartered in Saudi Arabia, a feudal monarchy renown for violation of basic human rights under strict sharia law.

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